Thursday, June 13, 2013

More keeping the kids busy while dining out or waiting in line

I love these Little Dover books.  At about 4x5 inches, they are small enough that I can keep a few in my purse as a surprise for impromptu meals at a restaurant or waiting in line or even waiting at the doctor's office.  They are hard to find.  I have seen a rack of them at Cracker Barrel.  They are on Amazon for only 1.35! They ship for free with a 25.00 purchase.  Once you are on Amazon look around, there are many titles to choose from.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Keeping fish hook earrings secured

I create dozens of earrings a week.  One thing I have found is the earring findings that I purchase never have anything to secure them.  I know that customers like it when I go the extra mile.  I am ordering these safety backs to go with all of the fish hook earrings that I sell.
These are an awesome deal.  Only 1.49 for 144.

There is also the style below for 2.18 for 144.

A peek into the JunQue Jules studio

Here is a peek into my very-messy-in-need-of-organizing studio.  I was planning on doing some organizing, but with so many ideas-who has time?  I'll post pictures once I get it organized again.

I love to store my beads and vintage buttons in glass jars. 
It makes it easy to find what I am looking for 
and they are attractive to look at. 
 I also like to show off things like my vintage Bakelite. 

I also love my Fire King Jadeite dishes for storing beads.   

Much to my husband's disappointment, I save just about anything for future creations.  Since I'll be teaching Art again next year, I can find a use for just about anything!  

My CrAzY earring creating binge today

Today was TJ's last day of school before summer vacation.  After dropping him off for a half day, I managed to create 25 pair of earrings.

 I was into trade beads and crosses today.  I will need to be placing another Fire Mountain Gems order soon!

Hopefully I will get these listed in my shop by the end of the week.
Check out earrings in my shop here.

My designs vary depending on the day's mood.
Sometimes I go with kitschy vintage plastic gumball charms and other times it Swarvoski crystal or genuine gemstones. Here are a few of my recent color mixes.
Check out my etsy shop to see what I created with these beads!

Making mosaic stepping stones for the garden with kids

My grand plan is to make an entire pathway on the side of our house to meander through a yet to be created flower garden on the side of our house.  I will post before and progress pictures soon.
I love this Flip flop shaped stepping stone kit.  I just ordered one of these for my 6 year old, T.J. and myself to use as soon as we have created our square ones (previous post).  We opened out first kit tonight to get ready for casting tomorrow. You will need a small bucket or large plastic bowl from the dollar store to mix the cement in.
While you are at the dollar store, pick up some extra glass gems for making more stones with the re-usable mold in the kit.  When you have used the cement that comes in the kit, you can purchase a bag of regular old cement (not concrete) to use the mold again and again.
When I taught fourth grade, I made stepping stones with my entire class using donated un-used pizza boxes lined with clear Contact paper.
We used it sticky side up, placing our decorations on the Contact paper and then pouring the cement it over the glass gems.  The kit has you decorate the top of the stepping stone.  I think this will work better than pouring the cement over the top; the cement ended up oozing around the gems and covering them up a little.
Check back tomorrow for pictures of our stepping stone project.

rainy day ideas to keep the kids occupied

My 6 year old son loves all of the Home Alone movies.  He has been a fan since the age of 4.  I originally ordered this boxed set because my son really enjoyed watching Home Alone I and Home Alone 2.  Much to my surprise, 3 and 4 were also hits with him.  He has watched them over and over again.
I highly recommend ordering this boxed set of all four movies on DVD today and stowing it away for a rainy day movie.  Don't forget to have some movie candy and microwave popcorn on hand to add to the fun.  What movies do you recommend for rainy days?
Regularly 29.99 on sale for 16.88.  Amazon prices can change quickly, so don't wait.  

Monday, June 10, 2013

Rainbow cupcakes to brighten a rainy day

If you haven't checked out the blog yet, you are really missing out!  Here is Mavis's recipe for rainbow cupcakes.   Don't worry about the title!  These are great for summer!

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Keep the kids busy and make the garden beautiful at the same time

My son got this awesome stepping stone kit for his 6th birthday.  We can't wait to create a bunch of these using the reusable mold.  We will head to the dollar store for more gems and pick up some cement at Home Depot.  On sale from 15.33 down to 12.13 on Amazon.

Keeping kids busy while dining at a restaurant

        To keep my 6 year old son busy I always bring a few activities such as, Melissa and Doug Place mats and food stickers. Last night we had a great dinner out at Docker's with my parents.  My son was entertained the entire time.  He made everyone at the table a make believe meal.  After a two hour dinner, we still have some place mats and stickers left for our next dinner out.
This sells for only 5.99!

How do you keep the kiddos busy when you dine out?

West Michigan residents keep the kids busy without breaking the bank!

The overall price may not seem like a great deal, but after the fourth visit you will be visiting the park for free.  I also love that I didn't have to pay the entire cost up front.  I went with a platinum pass for my son, which means parking is included!  If you have a child under 48 inches this is a no brainier as it is only $10 more for the season, which is the cost of one day's parking!
Do you think it is worth the price to go with a season pass?
Update: We had a fabulous time on our first visit.  TJ has reached 48 inches.  We were able to go on all but one ride.  We decided not to wear our bathing suits, as the temperature was only around 70 when we went.  Big mistake.  We ended up going on the Grand Rapids raft ride.  I may as well have had a bucket or two poured on my head!  
What I loved most about our visit was that TJ had as much fun on the Dumbo ride as he did on the Shivering Timbers wooden roller coaster.  
Deal Alert:  If you are a season ticker holder, I recommend purchasing the souvenir cup for 12.99.  You will receive free refills on the day of purchase and 99 cent refills for the rest of the summer.