Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Painting with the eastern eyed click bug

For some reason I have decided to put off beading and work on projects today. It was time to paint the big metal seat swing. I suppose it would be a porch swing, but we don't have a porch. The painting went well, although I do need one more can of paint.
The only glitch was the bombardment of eastern eyed click bugs. I have never laid eyes on these things before. I am not sure if it was my blue shirt or the lovely aroma of Rust-oleum that sent them my way-but it was something. Towards the end I was glad I ran short of paint because these things would not leave me alone. Having taken my share of nature study courses in college I can't believe I have never encountered these things. I think I may have skipped a few insect labs. You see-you should never skip class as you can never tell when or where the information missed may come in handy.

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