Saturday, February 27, 2010

Old Studio Vs. New Studio

The Old Studio

Since October we have been in the process of buying a foreclosure with twice as much space as our current home. Since April of last year I have been sharing my studio with my husband's home office; not fun.

We went ahead and put an offer in on the new place because we knew it was a deal of a lifetime. This was risky because we have not sold our current home. We are okay with this. I have mixed feelings about the move as the old place is in the urban school district in which I teach and as you can see it is a fabulous old brick Italianate. The new place was built in the 90's and sits on a cudasac in the suburbs. It feels wrong to leave the intercity, but I will be back to having my very own studio again.

If you have ever purchased a foreclosure you know this is a long process. Even so, I think about my new studio and how I will set it up on a daily basis.

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