Thursday, February 25, 2010

Soul Satisfying

This morning as I got ready to leave for school I had a huge list of bead related topic ideas bouncing around in my head for my blog; but then the day happened. I was already excited as we had two events going on today at the middle school I teach at; Soul Food Taste and a student performed assembly. These events were coordinated by staff and volunteers to celebrate African American History Month; but really this was a celebration of diversity, coming together, and our "Bunker family".
I had arranged for some of my newspaper students to photograph at both events. I knew the day would be great. I knew we would get great photos. I did not know I would feel so invigorated by the phenomenal assembly and the fabulous food. What a day! I am still in the process of sorting and rating the photos my students took today, but I had to stop and write about it.
Since I am inspired by everything around me, I know a bracelet will arise out of this! I don't like to show student faces outside of school publications, regardless I loved the "foot photo" one of my students snapped anyhow.

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