Sunday, June 9, 2013

West Michigan residents keep the kids busy without breaking the bank!

The overall price may not seem like a great deal, but after the fourth visit you will be visiting the park for free.  I also love that I didn't have to pay the entire cost up front.  I went with a platinum pass for my son, which means parking is included!  If you have a child under 48 inches this is a no brainier as it is only $10 more for the season, which is the cost of one day's parking!
Do you think it is worth the price to go with a season pass?
Update: We had a fabulous time on our first visit.  TJ has reached 48 inches.  We were able to go on all but one ride.  We decided not to wear our bathing suits, as the temperature was only around 70 when we went.  Big mistake.  We ended up going on the Grand Rapids raft ride.  I may as well have had a bucket or two poured on my head!  
What I loved most about our visit was that TJ had as much fun on the Dumbo ride as he did on the Shivering Timbers wooden roller coaster.  
Deal Alert:  If you are a season ticker holder, I recommend purchasing the souvenir cup for 12.99.  You will receive free refills on the day of purchase and 99 cent refills for the rest of the summer.  

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  1. We made our first trip to Michigan's Adventure on Tuesday. We had a blast.